Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Media Insiders Blogging

Earlier today I posted a link to Chez's blog and his story about being fired for blogging. I want to follow that up with a little tie-in to media blogging/ers north of the border.

Someone inside the CBC blogs under the name Ouimet. A recent posting on their blog The Tea Makers involving the president & CEO of the CBC has raised the issue of anonymity or pseudonymity and blogging from the inside.

The fantastic radio program Search Engine had both Ouimet and Hubert Lacroix on to discuss the post and anonymity online.

Ouimet was/is aware that there is danger in the public airing of grievances and sees anonymity or the other identity as a protective measure and uses that protection to deal with sensitive issues.

I wish Chez the best because he didn't deserve to be tossed because of his blog. One of the many aspects to great journalism is the ability to check that stuff at the door, something at which I do not excel.

I'm not entirely surprised that CNN would fire someone for blogging, but I am disappointed. It's stuff like this that keeps people like Ouimet behind the magical curtain, and a sign that we have a ways to go before traditional media opens up in the way we (at least I) wish they would.

I'd also like to shout out to one of my all-time favourite insider blogger's blogs, Todd Maffin's Inside the CBC.

Bloggin about blogging is not something I aim to do often, so I apologize for getting all meta on you, but what with Northern Voice coming up in one more sleep, a few Sesame Streets, and a Mr. Dressup away... well it happens.

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