Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prorogate This

So our government failed to overthrow itself. At least we got a new word to throw about.
A prorogation is the period between two sessions of a legislative body. When a legislature or parliament is prorogued, it is still constituted (that is, all members remain as members and a general election is not necessary), but all orders of the body (bills, motions, etc.) are expunged. (In the British parliament, this has now changed somewhat in that Public Bills can be carried over from one session to another.)
Parliamentary session - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

To me it seems like we've got two groups looking to look good in front of the Canadian people by campaigning on each others shortcomings while already elected. That shit sucks during election time, but it's out of hand when it happens after an election and BEFORE a throne speech.


One would think that with a minority government ALL parties ought to work to form a coalition. I suppose that's what governing with the consent is all about but that's just not happening. What's happening is a farce.
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