Friday, February 29, 2008

VASS Corporate Cup @ Grouse

I was lucky enough to attend the inaugural VASS corporate cup at Grouse Mountain yesterday.

It was the most fun and inspiring event I've attended in years. Honestly, even better than northern voice.

We three BCIT people (Jason Goodnough, Elena Petkov, and myslef) were teamed with Kent, a skier from West Vancouver.


Kent was truly an inspiration. Following a serious vehicle accident he was told by his neurologist that it was unlikely he would ever walk or speak again, Kent managed to relearn and rehabilitate to the point where he's a sponsored skier and a great guy to talk with.

Patient with Elena who takes some time to come down the hill on a snowboard (2nd day on a tray) he was the best teammate anyone could ask for. I just edged him out for the win in our first race but slayed me on run #2.

BCIT VASS Corp. Cup Team

BCIT VASS Corp. Cup Team

It was a beautiful day, and I couldn't have asked for a more inspiring and entertaining group of people to spend it with!

the weather was horrid

VASS is a completely volunteer-run organization, and put on a wonderful event! I feel honoured to have been part of it, and humbled by the dedication and positive energy the athletes and organizers displayed.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Something is a

Wbs 70

I'm building something new. Be back later in the week.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Shirt

Raincity Studios Swag.

I'm an admirer, not just because of the shirt thing. Raincity does great work and contributes heaps of goodness to the community.

Dave's session - F*ck stats, make art was great. Not what I expected at a blog/social/geek conference, but really inspiring.

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Photocamp '08 at Northern Voice

Good old view source.
It's funny how the most basic steps can be overlooked.


Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogging for progressive political change

I'm at Northern Voice 2008 out at UBC attending Kate Milberry & Marc Lee's presentation on using blogs for progressive political change and agitation.

I won't be liveblogging the event or anything, there are better people and places for that kind of thing, but over the next two days I'll be quickposting cool sites/people/ideas on here and bookmarking the bookmarkables on


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Thursday, February 21, 2008

SMS Google Calendar

A little while ago I wrote about discovering this mashup of pocketmod and google calendar that rocked my disorganized world. I liked it a lot, but it took me a few days to realize my texted in appointments weren't being input into the calendar.

Somehow I just didn't notice that 3 appointments I'd texted in didn't actually show up. I still made the meetings, no worries there, but now I'm wondering how to solve this problem:


Corb Lund in Vancouver

Corb Lund and the Hurtin' Albertans put on a great show at the Commodore Ballroom last night.
Hayes Carll opened up the show and was great too!
Musicians like these restore my faith in country.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Media Insiders Blogging

Earlier today I posted a link to Chez's blog and his story about being fired for blogging. I want to follow that up with a little tie-in to media blogging/ers north of the border.

Someone inside the CBC blogs under the name Ouimet. A recent posting on their blog The Tea Makers involving the president & CEO of the CBC has raised the issue of anonymity or pseudonymity and blogging from the inside.

The fantastic radio program Search Engine had both Ouimet and Hubert Lacroix on to discuss the post and anonymity online.

Ouimet was/is aware that there is danger in the public airing of grievances and sees anonymity or the other identity as a protective measure and uses that protection to deal with sensitive issues.

I wish Chez the best because he didn't deserve to be tossed because of his blog. One of the many aspects to great journalism is the ability to check that stuff at the door, something at which I do not excel.

I'm not entirely surprised that CNN would fire someone for blogging, but I am disappointed. It's stuff like this that keeps people like Ouimet behind the magical curtain, and a sign that we have a ways to go before traditional media opens up in the way we (at least I) wish they would.

I'd also like to shout out to one of my all-time favourite insider blogger's blogs, Todd Maffin's Inside the CBC.

Bloggin about blogging is not something I aim to do often, so I apologize for getting all meta on you, but what with Northern Voice coming up in one more sleep, a few Sesame Streets, and a Mr. Dressup away... well it happens.

Requiem for a TV News Career

An excellent article:
Say What You Will (Requiem for a TV News Career)
And a new blog to subscribe to:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Technical punkrock with some metal thrown in to make sure it doesn't get all high-minded and suck.

It's dope. - BLACKED OUT - Banff, CA - Punk / Rock / Metal -

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Caryn Drexl Photography

I love finding photographers that I can recognize by their work. It's harder than you'd think, and usually when I do find one they are already so well established that their prints are priced right out of my reach. But not today!

The other day I wandered past a colleague's office and she had some amazing photos up on her laptop. They turned out to be the work of Caryn Drexl.

Her work has a spooky element and is technically solid. What really impressed me was regardless of subject matter her works seems to fit together somehow. She's developing a style or a visual language, and that's one of the hardest things to do as a photographer. Almost anyone can learn the nuts and bolts of exposure and depth of field, but one of the things that elevates these copies of life to artwork is the photographer's ability to communicate with a distinct visual language.

Anyway, head on over and have a look. Great prints for under fifty blades - you can't go wrong.

Photography @

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Make Nardwuar the host of the 2009 Juno Awards

This is the best idea I've heard all week.
Young Lions of Pop Blog: Make Nardwuar the host of the 2009 Juno Awards

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I find Bebo to be a bit of an odd concoction. It feels a lot like myspace and it loads slower than molasses in January, yet it's wildly popular. At least I've read it's wildly popular, from what I've seen in my brief week or so as a member it's kind of abandoned.

Trying to e-pimp my profile has been an exercise in futility. Most of the stuff I would want to do I can do better elsewhere. I'm really at a loss as to why the heck someone would choose bebo as their platform of choice.

I'm going to hang in there and keep playing around with the site. I hope this screen shot is more than just a pr'd 404.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Recalls, Advisories, and a great local blog

Miss604 writes and produces all kinds of stuff about Vancouver. She's got an intersting blog, a some podcasts that are definitely worth a subscribe-to-this-rss-feed.

In her latest linkfest she pointed out the CBC Recalls and Advisories page, which is an interesting read and worthy of a sub as well.

There's also, Transport Canada's Vehicle Recall Database, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's index of food recalls.

I was going to post about Marketplace's email recall service but their website is terribly out of date.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Recyclable Personal Organizer

I'm not always the most organized person. I make lists and set goals like the rest of us, but sometimes those lists get lost, just like my keys are right now. I know they're around here somewhere but for the life of me I can't figure it out.

Being the computer dork that I am I've owned a palm and a Sony PDA, but the batteries die, the little pen-thing disappears, and, really, tetris is better on the Gameboy anyway.

Sure, sure, day timers exist but they're bulky and suck to carry around. I've seen people who use them effectively, but I've never actually been that person. Who wants to bother with some ring-binder pile of crap anyway when you can never find one with the right blend of calendar/notespace/addresses.

Enter the PocketMod. I found out about this via hackcollege and it's super handy when paired with the paperless wonder that is Google calendar. I've only been using it for about 2 weeks now but I've noticed the difference in my work and home life already.

I don't subscribe to any concrete organizational strategy, but I do subscribe to unlimited text messages. So I've registered my mobile with Google, I text important stuff into my calendar from wherever I am, and I make notes and copy deadlines and addresses into my pocketmod.

It is an ever-so-dope solution.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Jill Barber via B(oot)log

Jill Barber writes and plays beautiful music. I don't have the words today to really do her justice, but thanks to the fantastic B(oot)log there is a live performance available for your skiving pleasure.

Jill Barber, The Grad Club, Kingston, 30 March 2007

26 tracks of win. I especially like the Moon River cover because I've been learning to fast-fast-slow and slow-slow-fast-fast to that song for the last few weeks and it's nice to hear a heartfelt version without any midi. 

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Northern Voice & Basco5

Basco5 makes some great art.

Northern Voice 2008
I'm pretty excited to be going to Northern Voice this year. I was really happy to find out that event sponsor Mt. Lehman Credit Union hired Basco5 to do posters for the event. I'm a fan of his work, credit unions, and blogging, so it all fits together nicely.

His designs are fun, and I recommend you spend a few minutes putting off work to check out a couple of videos with Basco5 over at joystick. Check down the left side for the set of 3 videos.

He did a dope as hell set of poles for joystick.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Ramones - Loudmouth (live '79)
Found at

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A+++ Great Post, Would Read Again

BBC NEWS -- EBay to ban negative seller views

We've been unloading our unwanted or unworn, um, wares, on Ebay. Last I checked I had an underwhelming 7+ feedback rating. It's not that I'm a bad ebayer, I just don't ebay often.

Do I suffer from feedback envy or angst? No, but it doesn't surprise me that Ebay is looking to remove sellers' ability to leave negative feedback on buyers. Feedback on Ebay has been gamed by way too many people for way too long. People have held back payment or delivery until positive feedback is left, cheated by running multiple accounts, even bought and sold feedback itself.

I for one am glad to see it go, as I never really trusted it in the first place. It was a poor foundation upon which to build business relationships.

Not that I'm the authority on foundations or anything, but my main man Harry is:

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Monday, February 04, 2008


I'm down with Iron Man, but can it actually be considered a "Summer Blockbuster" before it hits the screen?
Earlier this evening we brought you the Iron Man Super Bowl TV Spot. Now, thanks to our friends at /Film, we have 13 brand new photos from Jon Favreau’s upcoming Summer blockbuster for your viewing pleasure.
New Iron Man Photos Hit the Web! - Film School Rejects

I mean, sure if it makes a ton of money (over 100 million US on release) then it's a blockbuster. Right now though it's really just Jon Favreau's Iron Man.

Also, Summer starts on the solstice doesn't it?

Sorry I've had a long day. Thanks for the photos though, I sincerely hope Iron Man is more fantastic (4) than the last marvel movie I watched. It was a bowl of fantastic (4) suck.  

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