Tuesday, February 05, 2008

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BBC NEWS -- EBay to ban negative seller views

We've been unloading our unwanted or unworn, um, wares, on Ebay. Last I checked I had an underwhelming 7+ feedback rating. It's not that I'm a bad ebayer, I just don't ebay often.

Do I suffer from feedback envy or angst? No, but it doesn't surprise me that Ebay is looking to remove sellers' ability to leave negative feedback on buyers. Feedback on Ebay has been gamed by way too many people for way too long. People have held back payment or delivery until positive feedback is left, cheated by running multiple accounts, even bought and sold feedback itself.

I for one am glad to see it go, as I never really trusted it in the first place. It was a poor foundation upon which to build business relationships.

Not that I'm the authority on foundations or anything, but my main man Harry is:

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