Thursday, January 31, 2008

stopping junkmail

So I heard a nice lady advertising, or maybe it was just an interview, a red dot campaign to reduce junkmail. I checked out the red dot website and found out about canada post's Consumers Choice Program. It's pretty much impossible to find out how to sign up, but by searching through canada post's documents aimed at advertisers I found this:
1.5 Consumers’ Choice
Customers can target more effectively by respecting the wishes of consumers who indicate, through a self-produced notice on their mailbox or mail receptacle, that they do not wish to receive unaddressed material. The only exemptions are materials from Elections Canada and Provincial Chief Electoral Officers, House of Commons mailings, municipal electoral mailings and community newspapers. Therefore, the item is received by consumers who want to receive it. Visit our Householder Data, which is available online for the breakdown of delivery points with and without these notices.
Canada Post - Unaddressed Admail™

So now I've got to figure out what a self-produced notice is, and how to get our friendly neighborhood condo manager and friendly neighborhood neighbors to not tear off my "no junk mail" stickies.

I've printed the red dot letter to Canada post and I'll send that in, I just find it really surprising that Canada Post doesn't make this stuff a little easier to find out about. The only information as far as I can find is mentions like the quote above, buried in business customer guides.

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