Thursday, January 17, 2008

FOUND Magazine

I was given a really cool found-items book this Christmas. I've been meaning to post about it for a while and was reminded today when browsing Darren Barefoot's shared links.

The book is great to page through because of the feeling of innocent voyeurism I get reading abandoned notes, letters, and postcards. I highly recommend checking it out.

Their website: FOUND Magazine | Find of the Day

I find things all the time but I never collect them. My favourites are finding notes with smart-ass replies. I see a lot of these in my apartment building, a recent one read:

"Would the people throwing things off their balcony please cease this dangerous and inconsiderate activity immediately. You are putting the safety of those who live here at risk."

To which someone replied:


I know it's not the wittiest reply, but because of the history of outraged residents writing insults to management on service notices we laughed at the thought of somebody being pissed off that they'd been asked not to throw things off their balcony.

What I really enjoy is finding edited notices where lyrics and song titles are written in. Stuff like, "Be advised that work crews will be on-site tomorrow. Please excuse the Bang Bang Maxwell's Silver Hammering noise.

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