Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stop Panicking!

I found my shoes and orthotics.

I know, massive relief eh?

Funny thing is, they were exactly where I left them. I didn’t check the changing room because for some reason I assumed it’d be cleaned by the cleaners and they’d grab abandoned stuff and either toss it out or toss it in the lost-and-found.

I think this means the changing rooms aren’t really “cleaned” so much as wandered through with broom-in-hand.That’s how they look but I always thought stuff like bacteria and fungus would be enough of a concern that cleaning changing rooms was imperative. I may have too much faith in people.

It's not like the shoes were kind of tucked away in a corner or anything, they were just there under one of the benches. What I mean here is if the floors were cleaned to any reasonable standard the shoes would have been in the way, that or the cleaners are so put off by other people's shoes they refused to touch them... In which case should someone who fears other-people-cooties be tasked with cleaning changing rooms? The poor person would be living a nightmare.

I think I’ll bring me some sandals for the showers and changing room from now on. One more thing, or I guess two really, to lose.

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