Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Anyone other than an official-source can tell you security is ridiculous in northern Canadian airports. An official-source would probably tell you the same if they weren't scared of being fired.

That link points to a story about an aids-support group, delayed from flying out of Prince George, because a security guard thought their "diseases" were a risk to other passengers.
Here's Duncan McCue's report on the same story.

At the risk of rambling on I want to point out what I feel is crucial to understanding the story - Let's start with this quote:

"He [the security guard] said that he had recognized one of the members or one of my group from [Prince George] downtown. He said he knew this person has diseases and that he was trying to keep the staff and people safe in the aircraft,"
Alison Paul, an AIDS prevention and support worker with Positive Living North in Prince George, B.C.
So if this guy is making calls like this he's been trained to assess health risks right? This must be someone with some education on which diseases are highly contagious, which ones can be airborne, that kind of thing right? I hope there's a hell of a lot of in-house training because here are the hiring requirements for a preboarding screening officer.
Technical Specialization:
- Essential: high School diploma
- Preferred: bilingual
Garda job posting

I know a city councilor who had to write letters of complaint to authorities because they were sick of having their baggage unpacked every single time they flew out of their northern Canadian town. We're not talking a flight or two a year here either, conferences and workshops are generally held in more southern climates. Also consider that there generally aren't rooms for this sort of thing, it's right there alongside all your friends in the little departure area.

Yeah, because the people dedicated to making their towns more livable are the threat.

I get the planes need to be safe. I actually do understand. What I don't get is that Transport Canada hasn't stepped in in any meaningful way to better a situation that according to most who have flown in the north is abysmal.

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