Friday, April 18, 2008

Recycled Toothbrushes

The worst recycling-offender in my house is definitely the bathroom. All that packaging and new material designed specifically to run or wear out so I have to buy more. Toothbrushes piss me off - I consider them my enemy in the bathroom. I like brushing my teeth but I have serious design issues with toothbrushes these days. They tend to look like freaked-out anime caricatures and have so many different plastics that I can't blue-bin them. Worse are the disposable electric brushes. They're like electric drills with a single bit that can't be replaced.

Anyway, I found toothbrushes made from recycled plastic! And you get return-postage to send them back to be re-recycled.
Preserve - Preserve Toothbrush Ultra Soft - 1210 - Home Depot Canada
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TV de LCD said...
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stephanie said...

have you read cradle to cradle? it's good, and has an excellent solution to the recycling issue. i'd suggest you borrow it from me once i get back from sf :]

Mike Boronowski said...

Sounds good. I`ll have a look for it - but yeah I`d love to check it out if you`ve got it and don`t need it on-hand for a little bit.