Tuesday, October 30, 2007

How long does new and shiny last?

I just wanted to maintain my network of friends and colleagues, and make some new connections along the way.

Last night on the way home from work my girlfriend said she was bored with facebook. She isn’t interested in the applications. She doesn’t want to superpoke, zombify, share-a-drink, garden, whatever-else-you-can-do-now…

The fun was in finding old friends, building new connections, and sharing embarrassing photos. Increasingly it seems facebook users are being turned into lobbyists for their interests, hell bent on converting all of us into drunk aquarium-owning zombies of web 2.0. AAACH! I SAID IT!

I have been noticing that more and more of my friends’ profiles are looking myspace-esque. The clean and functional design that originally drew me to the site seems to be fading fast.

One friend of mine has managed to rig up her profile with just about every single widjet/application/quiz/poll imaginable. The result is the ugliest page I have seen since I stumbled upon MIA’s myspace. WTF...Seriously, WTF.

I love the whole power-to-the-people ideal, but why do people have to use their newfound power to create something so damn butt-ugly. The real killer-app for facebook would be an optimizer. It would take a critical look at your profile, all the applications you’ve installed, and then reorganize and format the page to be reasonable.

That, or maybe it could just uninstall the stupid things altogether.

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