Monday, August 10, 2009

First anniversary lessons

Things I have learned in my 1 year of marriage:
  1. I’m a pretty lucky guy.
  2. There is nothing I hate to watch more than movies in the romcom genre. I even hate the name, romcom... ugh.
  3. Having someone around to remember things for you is great.
  4. If you get your spouse’s birthdate wrong on 1 extended medical form because of the whole mmddyy or ddmmyy thing you will have to battle for months to convince them that yes that is your wife and yes they should update that field so that you can actually claim something.
  5. A bird in the hand is worth about $20 if you adopt it from the bird-rescue, but it might crap in your hand. (this has nothing to do with marriage...)
  6. Having friends is more important than you think.
  7. Having family isn’t important, having supportive and accepting family is.
  8. Sharing a bank account makes you more fiscally responsible.
  9. Good wine can solve any problem other than needing to sober up.

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