Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Victoria, Music, and Drinking Well

Smith Woodhouse ports are fantastic.
I discovered the ’88 (my new object of desire) at the Oak Bay Marina Restaurant on Sunday. I actually dreamt about it last night, which was a nice break from the terrible swimming club nightmare where I'm forced into a 8-billion meter fly race.

I’ve been thinking a lot about growing up and it has occurred to me that, at least in western culture, alcohol consumption habits are good indicators of one’s grownupedness.

  • · Do you own – and use - a beer bong? Not grown up.
  • · Do you own a tumbler you prefer to use for the good scotch? Grown up.
  • · At a party are you drinking alcohol you “found” in your parent’s closet? Not grown up.
  • · Considering that expensive bottle of wine? Starting to grow up.
  • · Holding off on opening that nice bottle of white until spotted prawn season? Grown up.
For all of these I should really add "over-privileged" because expensive booze is pretty much the most terrible of things to measure anything other than privilege with. I've just been spoiling myself and ignoring the fact that retirement may some day exist in my world so drinking well has been more top-of-mind for me.

A more realistic measure these days is probably what forces one to be late with bills or rent. It still involves spending on booze, but is inverted compared to the list above. It would go something like:
You were late on rent because:
  1. Spent it all on booze for parties.
  2. Spent it all on booze at the club
  3. Spent it all on natural gas to avoid freezing to death.

I didn’t mean for it to happen, I even consciously tried to stop it from happening to me. I suppose youth, like all things, must pass.

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