Monday, March 03, 2008

Grandma Rules

I'm a sucker for old games. Cribbage, crokinole, chess; All way more fun than any of the latest  first person shooter, and they involve real interaction and smack-talk instead of the terrible "pwn!pwn!" and "gg!" of the after game lobby.

I picked up a bargain cribbage board about a month ago and I've been sucking my friends and family into playing every chance I get. What I've noticed is we've all developed our own standard set of rules. I was calling them "house rules" until last night, when, in the middle of adding an extra point to an already stellar hand for holding a jack of the same suit as the starter card a friend of mine piped up, "Your grandma rules are a little different than my grandma rules."

That's my term for rules in these games now and forever more. Learning grandma rules for games like cribbage and crazy eights is what made them fun. I was always amazed growing-up at the regional (or can that be grandmarial) variations. Wild cards, switching direction-of-play, countdown; The games became rich and varied and I developed great friendships at cafe's and coffee shops on a foundation of simple old games and grandma rules.

While I've discovered that my "one for the jack" is legit I should be calling it a nob. Check it out.

Also, in *ahem* researching this post I came across Cribbage Inc.'s home page, ON GEOCITIES! YES!

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