Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad Show Good Music

I love the soundtrack to *shudder* the Vampire Diaries.

The show is just below watching paint dry on my list of things to do with about an hour of free time, but while she who must be obeyed has control over the TV I've heard Neko Case, The Stars, MGMT, and Peaches.

It's ridiculous.

Why juxtapose ($10 dollar word alert) quality music against drivel-drama?

I'm tempted to actually watch an episode just to see if I catch a Destroyer track or maybe some They Shoot Horses Don't They in the background whilst some broody dark twenty something dude chats up some random tart.

Good on whatever must-be-a-Canadian producer is slipping solid gold into a smeg production.


Anonymous said...

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m.a.tateishi said...

I second your taste in musical votes!

I've just watched once, but I was excited to hear Stars playing in the background. But not exciting enough to ever watch the show again...

The best use of music is when the musical mood really enhances the scene, and you want to hear more of the song. Usually that means that the scene has a high emotional content, which Vampire Diaries seems to lack.