Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who To Believe

I'm back, and I haven't finished the long post about where I've been yet so let's all laugh at a federal Minister.
"Who do you want to believe? Do you want to believe published articles in the New England Journal or Lancet, do you want to believe the World Health Organization or do you want to believe Tony Clement? It's embarrassing."
Federal health minister slams Insite injection site - Canada.com
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Dean Jensen said...

those bastards make me feel as though i am vomitting, then swallowing the vomit, then vomitting the swallowed vomit up again onto my shoes. fuck those cunts. anyways....

Mike Boronowski said...

Dean, that's a rough feeling. I'm just so disappointed in my country and countrymen sometimes. We tend not to educate ourselves nearly enough on issues that matter and as a result we elect bunk officials and then we passively allow them to blabber whatever they want without any real opposition from the public.

We're dysfunctional.