Thursday, June 12, 2008

Awesome Camera Shop

I can't say enough about how great my experiences have been with Kerrisdale Cameras. It was maybe two years ago when I was first shopping around for a digital SLR. I chose the D-80 because it fit my older Nikon lenses, and I really preferred the fit and feel to that of the Canon whatever that was in the same price range.

They matched the best price I could find, which is a challenge for any non-mega-store, and I was happily on my way to filling my hard drive with photos.

About a year in it quit turning off. The switch just wouldn't work. It was definitely my fault, I'd treated the thing less than gently, but they sent it to Nikon for warranty repairs and when it looked like it wouldn't make it back in time for my vacation we swapped for a new body they had in the store. That's without having to buy some bogus extended warranty.

Now I've managed to loose my charger, and they've got a replacement there for me as well as a cheaper generic charger so I can check out both and take the one I want.

It's more than what you'd get at a mega store. I checked with London Drugs and they told me to go to Nikon's repair centre and try to get one there. The kid at Futureshop just kind of looked at me funny and said he didn't think you could by them. I don't know why I even bothered checking with those places, Kerrisdale checked their stock at other stores and brought the stuff to the one closest to me, and they didn't just bring in the one with the most profit built-in, they brought me options.

Oh, and the people who work there seem to actually know cameras. That's something that can't really be said for the armchair experts at the big boxes. I hope they continue to survive and thrive, we need more Kerrisdales in this world.

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