Sunday, January 21, 2007

Evergreen Guacamole?

I was given a little jar of guacamole, Yucatan Guacamole to be precise. It's actually really good for a store bought guacamole, and it seems to never go brown. While I wouldn't ever go out and buy guacamole (I pride myself on my best-around-brentwood guac) I will recommend this stuff to those who do. Now only if avocados grew in the GVRD...

I'm sitting here about to dig in to Adobe Audition and the thought hit me, "How should I put off what I know I should be doing with what I'd rather be doing?"

That's basically the only reason I've been updating this thing at all recently.

This site is also suffering from lack-of-content because I've taken up running, and that along with my other hobbies have nearly replaced internetting as a time-waster. However, As I put off work, put off cooking dinner, and wait for the new Battlestar Galactica, I get in the occasional surf.

So, along the foodie lines of my rambling, everyone who - like me - lives to eat rather than eats to live should check out Mahanandi. I'm becoming ever more conscious of what goes into my recipes and into my body, and this site has been a real inspiration.

Go buy some local food, and make a tasty and healthy meal.


Oh, and I ran 5 miles in 44:42 today. Boo plant-hating light fixture, hooray me!

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